Electric Multiple Unit Class 470, Czechoslovakia
Development of new electric unit 470 for commuter traffic started in Vagonka Studenka*) in nineties. Two prototype units with DC traction were produced compiled of two single-deck electric coaches and three intermediate coaches. The difference between them was in colour design. Units were equipped with automatic driver for the first time. Series production assumed the delivery of 60 units since 1994, but with regard to problems with delivery financing it was not fulfilled. The units are put in operation in the vicinity of Prague on CD tracks.
*) Production of passenger rail vehicles was devoted to today ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s. within the scope of privatization.
Czechoslowakia State Railways, ČSD
Term of delivery
1990 - 1991
Elektrická jednotka řady 470
Number of vehicles
2 pcs
Track gauge
1435 mm
Maximum speed
120 kmph
electric DC
Number of seats