Electric Multiple Unit Class 460, Czechoslovakia
New five-car commuter trains class EM488.0 with DC traction were developed in Vagonka Studenka*). Their basic conception was derived from class SM 488.0. The prototype unit was sold in year 1971 and series deliveries for ČSD were realised in the period 1974-1978. One unit is compiled of 2 power coaches and 3 intermediate coaches. The intermediate cars were designed as universal with the AC unit class SM488 0. The units were later remarked to the class 460. Units are now operated on the CD tracks in the surrounding of Ostrava and Ústí nad Labem and in Slovakia around Košice, where they are operated by ZSSK.
*) Production of passenger rail vehicles was devoted to today ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s. within the scope of privatization.
Czechoslowakia State Railways, ČSD
Term of delivery
1971 - 1978
Elektrická jednotka řady 460
Number of vehicles
43 pcs
Track gauge
1435 mm
Maximum speed
110 kmph
electric DC
Nominal voltage of traction
3 kV
Number of seats