Electric Multiple Unit Class 471, Czech Republic
The development of double deck unit class 471 has resulted from the demand of Czech Railways as a replacement of old commuter units class 451 and 452. The companies MSV Studénka *) and Škoda Dopravní Technika took share in this development. Two and three car units were prepared in concept with use of electric, intermediate and driving cars. The modern unit was designed by using large aluminium profiles for body-shells with low floor entrance and modern components, till that time not used by Czech Railways. Comfortable travelling by this unit is enabled through the low noise level, using air condition as well as the 1st class compartment. The prototype units were produced and introduced to a public in 1997 on the 39th International Trade Fair in Brno for the first time. Series deliveries started in year 2000. Till the end of 2012 were delivered totally 75 three car units for Czech Railways established for rapid suburban traffic in the vicinity of Prague and Ostrava.
*) Production of passenger rail vehicles was devoted to today ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s. within the scope of privatization.
Czech Railways, ČD
Term of delivery
2000 - 2013
Elektrická jednotka řady 471
Number of vehicles
83 pcs
Track gauge
1435 mm
Maximum speed
140 kmph
electric DC
4 x 500 kW
Nominal voltage of traction
3 kV
Number of seats