Year 1906,VAGONKA in Studénka.The history of rail vehicle production in Vagonka starts at the beginning in the last century. At that time was established a Joint Stock Company "Staudinger Waggonfabrik A.G." with Registered office in Butovice by Studénka. The company has been entered into Trade Register on 12 December 1900 a thus the company was founded.

During the period of its existence the Company went through a wide range of products, organizational and ownership changes, which were concluded by entry of foreign owner into ČKD VAGONKA STUDÉNKA and detachment of passenger rail vehicles from production and business plans of this company.

Production of passenger railway vehicles was moved to a new company ČKD VAGONKA, s.r.o. founded by a Joint Stock Company ČKD PRAHA HOLDING, a.s. on 28 January 2000. The Company Limited was transformed into a Join Stock Company from 1 January 2001 and on 1 March 2001, left Studénka and moved to modernised work-shops in Ostrava.

Since January 2005 was ČKD VAGONKA part of ŠKODA HOLDING Group. ČKD VAGONKA, a.s. trade name was changed into ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s. in March 2008.