Double-Deck Electric Multiple Units Class 471

The design and main dimensions for all cars (471, 071 and 971) are identical. The basic three-car unit configuration is fitted with automatic couplers and according to operation is possible to connect and control up to 12 vehicles.

The basic units are in three-car formations composed of electric car class 471, intermediate trailer class 071 and driving car class 971 or two-car formation (without intermediate trailer).

Two-leaved sliding plug doors enable quick entrance and exit of passengers. The doors have clear width of 1 340 mm and platform-level doorway bottom sills are 550 mm above the rail.

Basic data
Track gauge1435 mm
Maximum speed140 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers79200 mm
Vehicle width2820 mm
Vehicle height4635 mm
Maximum axle load18 t
Number of 1 class seats23
Number of 2 class seats287
Power transmisionEss
Engine output4 x 500 kW
Nominal voltage of traction3 kV
Axle number12
Axle arrangementBo'Bo' + 2'2' + 2'2'

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