Double-Deck Electric Multiple Units Class 671

Traction equipment into two engine rooms in motor car, is characterized by high efficiency. It is based on connection of asynchronous traction engines and IGBT traction converters.

Cars are equipped with uniform type of comfortable seats in 2 + 2 arrangement. A socket for PC supply is at disposal for each two-seat. Compartments are equipped by very effective system for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Low level of interior noise contributes to passengers' comfort. Electric and driving car are equipped with foldable platforms for entrance of passengers on wheelchairs. All areas are monitored by fire protection sensors, engine rooms are equipped with automatic extinguishers. Communication terminals for audio communication between passenger and driver and camera system increase safety in compartments.

Maximum speed of 160 km/h and driving dynamics enable to reach high effectiveness at passenger transport. It is boosted by wide low-f1oor entrance door for quick, comfortable and safe entrance and exit of passengers including passengers with large luggage and prams. There are spaces for bike transport in front cars. The passengers are informed about final destination, following destination and arrival time by means of LED information boards in compartments and in entrance vestibules and by audio information system.

Electric power regeneration during dynamic braking into both supply systems is a part of traction converters' control. The unit is equipped with the system for electric power consumption measuring according EN standards, automatic speed regulation and wireless transfer of diagnostic data by railway mobile network GSM-R.

Basic data
Track gauge1435 mm
Maximum speed160 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers79200 mm
Vehicle width2820 mm
Vehicle height4635 mm
Number of 1 class seats0
Number of 2 class seats307
Power transmisionE st + ss
Engine output2000 kW
Nominal voltage of traction3 DC + 25 AC kV
Axle arrangementBo'Bo' + 2'2' + 2'2'

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