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Electric Multiple Units Series 675

Body shell design is of proven conception from large-area extruded aluminium profiles. The basic electric unit configuration is six car, composed of two electric cars series 225 and four intermediate trailers series 227. It can be operated separately or coupled together at maximum with the second six car electric unit of the same series. Microprocessor control system enables to control the train unit by one driver without the other person presence.

Modern high-capacity interior 1st and 2nd class, comfortable seats, low floor entrance, air conditioning, vending machines and another equipment items provide distinct comfort increase. Entrance ramps, folding foot boards and rooms without barriers including toilet, equipped with Braille letters that all enables handicapped people travelling. Place for 8 bicycles transport is set in each electric car. Sophisticated ergonomic design of the driver's cabin including supplementary equipment (refrigerator, cooker), control system enabling automatic train operation, controlling by means of one operation handle, possibility of automatic speed control, that all makes easy the driver’s work and contributes to operation safety.

Internal and external camera system together with external anti-graffiti painting help to increase passengers' safety and decrease vandalism. More safety is provided also by modern elements against compression by doors, automatic extinguishing system and also the body shell design.

Basic data
Track gauge1520 mm
Maximum speed160 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers158400 mm
Vehicle width2820 mm
Vehicle height5000 mm
Number of 1 class seats46
Number of 2 class seats590
Power transmisionE st + ss
Engine output4000 kW
Nominal voltage of traction3 DC + 25 AC kV
Axle number24
Axle arrangementBo'Bo' + 2'2' + 2'2' + 2'2' + 2'2' + Bo'Bo

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