Single deck electric unit 440 / 640 / 650

They could be in two cars or three cars performance with traction equipment for tracks electrified by 3 kV DC system or with dual system for tracks with system 3 kV DC and 25 kV, 50 Hz. These units provide new travel comfort on these tracks with fulfilment the newest standards and regulations including valid TSI. Design solution and main dimensions of all cars creating units are identical. Units are equipped with automatic couplers enabling according to operational needs coupling and control up to 4 units. Basic unit's configuration is two or three cars respectively what means two front cars or two front cars and one intermediate trailer. All cars are always equipped with one driving bogie with two assynchronous motors and one carrying bogie. In such a way drive distribution gives to units very good dynamic characteristics.

Car body is built from large scale aluminium alloy profiles, front cars have their aluminium tube supplemented with steel cabin module overlaid by plastic panels. This composition enables together with energy absorbers demanding requirements for shock resistance of the car body fulfilment. Most of technological equipment is assembled on the vehicle roof what enables to devote internal space at maximum for passengers. Asynchronous traction motors and by microprocessor controlled choppers together with electro-dynamic brake with regeneration possibility decrease energy intensiveness. 4 traction motors at two car units have their nominal output 1360 kW, at three car units 6 traction motors then have their nominal output 2040 kW. This arrangement enables design speed 160 kph.

Modern large capacity car interior is designed completely open without internal partitional walls and doors and also gangways between cars are opened and covered by heat and sound insulated bellows. Two cars configuration gives capacity 147 seats (in 1st class compartment), three car one then 241 seats (in 1st class compartment). Low-floor entrance by wide doors is completed with two sliding steps for different platform height, air-conditioning. closed type WC and external and internal information system increase passengers' comfort.

Sophisticated ergonomic design of the driver's cabin including supplementary equipment (refrigerator, cooker), control system which enables automatic train run, controlling by means of one operation handle, possibility of automatic speed control, that all makes the driver's work easy and operational safety increase.

Both of configurations are at front entrance in one front car equipped with auxiliary folding ramp for wheel chaired passengers and adjacent multi-purpose space including toilet cell adapted for them. Important internal lettering is made also by Braille letters for blind people, chosen entrance vestibules are equipped with guidance beacon for deaf people.

Basic data
Track gauge1435 mm
Maximum speed160 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers79 400 mm
Vehicle width2820 mm
Vehicle height4260 mm
Number of 1 class seats9
Number of 2 class seats232
Power transmisionE ss, E st + ss
Engine output2040 kW
Nominal voltage of traction3 kV DC, 3 kV DC + 25 kV/50 Hz kV
Axle number16
Axle arrangementBo' 2' +Bo' 2' + 2' Bo'

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