Electric Single-Deck Unit InterPanter

The basic configuration consists of 3 to 5 cars with capacity of 200 to 350 sitting passengers. The car body is light integral structure from large scale aluminium profiles, head cars are equipped with steel cabin module ensuring crashworthiness in accordance with the all 4 scenarios of standard EN 15227. The units are designed for electrified tracks for power supply of 25 kV, 50 Hz and 3 kV DC. Maximum speed is 160 kmih. Control systém enables to control up to 4 coupled units from one cabin. Interior arrangement is modular one, according to customer requirements (1 st and 2nd class, seats arrangement etc.).

Low floor passenger entrance and exit through wide double leaves entrance door is equipped with two sliding steps. Comfortable, pleasant and fully air-conditioned interior for passengers is separated by partitions from entrance area with automatic door open system. There are sockets with voltage 230 V for computers use and Wi- Fi connection in the unit. Comfortable, ergonomically designed seats in the 1't class are adjustable. Unit is modified for immobile passenger transport without barriers. Audio-visual information systém is fitted in the cars. Toilet in the unit is closed type. There is multipurpose space for transport of bikes, prams, skis and big luggage and in the unit is also situated special separated area for mothers with children.

Basic data (5 car version)
Track gauge1435 mm
Maximum speed160 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers132400 mm
Vehicle width2820 mm
Vehicle height4260 mm
Number of 1 class seats42
Number of 2 class seats308
Engine output2720 kW
Nominal voltage of traction3 kV DC + 25 kV/50 Hz kV kV
Axle number24
Axle arrangementBo'2'+Bo'2'+2'2'+Bo'2'+2'Bo'

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