Railcar Class DM12

Motor car is equipped with two power units consisted of MAN engine and VOITH gearbox and located in underframe and each bogie one driving axle. The railcar interior is divided into two passenger compartments, two entrance vestibules and two driver's cabs.

The front part of railcar is designed for immobile passengers traffic. Two lifting platforms for passengers' on wheelchair ingress and large closed toilet of Evac 2000 system serve for this purpose. Wheelchairs are placed into reserve room in the front compartment which is connected by broad sliding door to entrance vestibule. The central and rear parts of the railcar are created by two passengers’ compartments.

Seats are arranged 2+2 face to face and longitudinal racks are above them. Two-leaved sliding plug doors enable quick entrance and exit of passengers. Heating is warm water using waste warm from diesel engines. Ventilation is forced one with air heating. Both driver's cabins are equipped with air-conditioning of the driver's cabin space.

Basic data
Track gauge1524 mm
Maximum speed120 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers25200 mm
Vehicle width2850 mm
Vehicle height4218 mm
Weight48000 kg
Number of 2 class seats63
Power transmisionDH
Engine output2 x 301 kW
EngineMAN D2876 LUE 606
Axle number4
Axle arrangement(1A)' (A1)'